Week 11

Ranking Team Name



VooDoo Daddies

The Daddies might accomplish something that no other team in our fantasy league has ever done, finish the regular season undefeated. It appears the only hurdle Bateson has to clear will be the Curtis Martin bye in Week 11. Although, we'll worry about that one later. At this point, it seems like a cinch that the Daddies will cruise to 10-0. Culpepper should be good for his usual 20-25 points against the Giants on Monday. Because the Jets will struggle to pass the ball against the Dolphins, look for Curtis Martin to flourish as he carries the offensive load for NY. The WORD: Bateson's streak will be secure for another week.


Mario, etc.

I forgot this team's real name. Oh yea, Mario Bros. All-Stars. Kevin Roach has led his team to one of the best rookie starts in our fantasy league history. The NES gang should pad that record with an easy victory over the Johnnie Rats this week. Watch as Ricky Williams has a typical day of 110 yards and a score against the weak Colts run defense. Kurt Warner should get back to his usual form by tossing 3 TDs versus the Pats. 8-2 without a doubt!



How is this team still winning? Well for one reason, Terrell Owens has been nearly unstoppable. This week the story is no different. Owens should catch at least 2 TDs and go for a 125+ yards (*Note: this will cancel out any production from Jeff Garcia of Schwie's Ladies). Garrison Hearst will also exploit the Panther defense and run for 120+ and a score. Whatever else Marshall's team does will just be a bonus. Lennies all but lock up the NFC by going to 8-2.


Ghetto Blasters

The Ghetto Blasters look poised to secure a spot in the upper half of the NFC. Al and his bad attitude bunch scorched the Playerz Club last week. The Blasters next victim will be the broken down Mystery Machine. Al will once again see significant production from studs Marshall Faulk and Jerome Bettis as both rush for over 100 yards and a score apiece. I see the Blasters scoring at least 70+ points for a second week in a row as they move to 6-4.


Playerz Club

The Playerz 5 game winning streak was spoiled by the Ghetto Blasters last week as they were pounded by 24 points. This week the Playerz will rely on Corey Dillon for massive production. Dillon should go for 130 combined yards and a score. As for Schwie's QB dilemma, ish ish ish! If baby Bledsoe gets his way, Tom Brady may be relegated to riding the pine for the rest of the year. In that case Schwie has to rely on stiff Elvis Grbac. This will be a pre-game decision for Wes to make on Sunday morning. Although, at this point, it looks as though Wes will lose a heartbreaker to Mnemonics.


D's Bitches

The Bitches have slowly crept back into contention in the AFC. It is basically a battle between the lowly Asians and the Bitches for the third place spot. This week the Bitches face the almighty Voodoo Daddies in a game that means a lot to both teams. The Bitches will look to Jason Brookins to fill the shoes of Edgerrin James. With the Edge out for at least 2 weeks, D's playoff hopes seem more bleak than trying to score with a St. Kate's lesbian. The Bitches fall to 4-6!


Schwie's Ladies

The Ladies have slowly slipped out of the upper half of the NFC. Dropping 2 of the last 3, Schwie is more hungry then ever for a fantasy victory. Brad should see huge production from Jeff Garcia as he cripples the Panthers D. The bad news here is that Terrell Owens of the Lennies, will more than likely cancel out any numbers that Garcia puts up. The difference here might be Garcia's running ability. Garcia will have to score Brad at least 2 rushing TDs. Remember the Panthers defense is horrible, so this is very possible. Schwie will also get a big game from Ron Dayne against the Vikings on Monday. Although, with Gonzalez out, the Ladies will lose in a tight battle with the Lennies.


Johnny's Mnemonics

This team has had worse luck than a trailer park in tornado season. The Mnemonics have lost 6 of the past 7 and seem destined for the consolation bracket. This week will be huge for Nemo's squad. Ahman Green will have a monster game against the pathetic Falcon defense as he rushes for 130+ yards and 2 TDs. Yet Nemo's QB and second RB situation remain as looming question marks whether they will play or not. I see Manning biting the bullet and thrashing the Saints secondary in the process. Watch for Nemo to creep back into the NFC playoff hunt as he goes to 4-6.


Ragin' Asians

The Asians, as pathetic as they have been, broke through this past week as one of only three teams to break the century mark for scoring. From a numbers standpoint, the week 10 outlook for Chaffee's squad looks just as bright. Shaun Alexander should once again blossom a big game against the horrible Bills run defense. One issue for Tran remains the performance of Jim Miller. Miller faces the tough Buc secondary in Tampa Bay this week and I look for him to struggle. Because Chaffee is facing a suddenly recharged Shock Doctor's squad, it seems that he will lose what will be a tight high-scoring battle.


Johnnie RATS

Tim Davis watched as Marvin Harrison's fantasy stock shot through the roof last week. This week Harrison should perform nicely again. I think Harrison will mix it up as the Colts try the reverse against the Saints. Watch as Harrison catches a TD and rushes for one more. The Rats QB situation is just plain ugly. Steve McNair has been a complete disappointment all year. Whether he plays or not, the Rats will fall to the Mario All-Stars.


Shock Doctor

The Doctors were all but pronounced dead, until wait, 73 points. Wow! It seems as though they may have waited a bit too long to come back to life. The only thing the Doctor's are hoping for now, is to make a run through the consolation round. The one-two punch of Duce Staley and Donovan McNabb seems like a nice option for the Doctors. The Philly connection should, once again, spark the Doctors to a second victory this week. McNabb should put up respectable numbers, 250 yards, 2 scores, while Duce rushes for over 100 yards and he runs for another big score. The Doctors will eke by the Asians' in a close one.


Mystery Machine

The Mystery Machine suffered a broken axle and another flat tire in defeat to the Lennies this past week. It seems as though Josh will be forced to drive his wife's car around all weekend again. Except for Rod, the rest of the Smith crowd will be silent this week. Rod will catch 2 TDs as he goes over 100 yards. Unfortunately, Josh faces a superior Ghetto Blaster squad that will make it a rough road for the Mystery Machine. Josh's squad will fall to 3-7.