Week 8

Ranking Team Name



Schwie's Ladies

Schwie's sluts have been unstoppable for the past 5 weeks. The sluts will have a bigger challenge this week but should still manage to squeak out a victory over the Johnnie Rats. Maybe Brad should celebrate by designing a new team logo.


Ragin' Asians

Chaffee Tran's team has been operating as smooth as a Macintosh. At the start of the season when Chaffee proclaimed that this was his year, well he was right. So far Chaffee has relegated the other NFC teams to sucking their thumbs and rocking back and forth in the fetal position. This week Chaffee will make Adam his new bitch as he rolls
to a 7-1 record.


Johnnie RATS

The Rats will fall to .500 this week in a close contest with Schwie's Ladies. Look for Ricky Williams to be as big of a star as a gay fratboy in Collegeville. Kitna should have a big day on Monday Night as well, yet it will not be enough for the Rats.


Shock Doctor

The Doctors of Pathetic chat forum trash talk should manage to exploit the mindless Ghetto Blasters. Cris Carter and Brad johnson will be the big game hunters this week as they help the Doctors stay close to Schwie's lead.


VooDoo Daddies

Whiner/Sleezeball Bateson will manage to get a victory against the pathetic Mystery Machine. Wes' Power Rankings think that Bateson
should make it an interesting game and just start one player, maybe Edgerrin James, maybe just Kyle Brady. Whatever Bateson does he will be 6-2.


D's Bitches

Derek's Bitches will keep the winning streak alive as they roll over the limp Playerz Club. Manning, Levens, and Hoard should provide the margin of victory.



Steve Ellison has probably the biggest group of ? players in this league. Yet, Steve turns in fine performances week in and week out.
This week Ellison finds out what it's like to start big game losers like
Curtis Enis and Reidel Anthony. Martin, Batch, and Enis will all put up low numbers as Steve goes down on Nemo like a cheap prostitute.


Playerz Club

The sneaky Playerz managed to snatch a sure win from the Ghetto Blasters and cause rageaholic Bateson to pop a vein in his forehead. This week is a different story the Playerz will fall to the Bitches.



Dear Concerned Team Owners,

The NFL is having one of the strangest and most unpredictable years in a long time. When the St. Louis Rams are undefeated and the Johnnie Rats have an above .500 record you know that something is wrong. Your guess is as good as mine as to the future of the unusual season. By the way you will lose this weekend.



Johnny's Mnemonics

Nemo and his squad of relative no-namers will stick it to Showtime. Nemo has been wobbling and stumbling around from last weeks pathetic loss, but this week he jumps on the back of Alstott and lets him carry the rest of his squad to victory. By the way, who the hell is Kenny Bynum?


Ghetto Blasters

It just couldn't get any worse for the Ghetto Blasters. An idiotic clerical error cost Al a for sure victory over the Playerz (maybe he should spend less time in the massage parlor?). This week Al will learn from his mistake and submit a lineup on time, yet he will manage to lose to the Doctors as Emmitt Smith and Olandis Gary have slow weeks.


Mystery Machine

This pathetic squad is a Mystery to everyone, even its owners. Unless the boys of Misery manage to make a trade they will just have enough players to start half of a lineup. I am going to go out on a limb here and pick the Mystery Machine to lose this time, yes you heard it here first, they will lose.