Week 9

Ranking Team Name



Playerz Club

The younger Schwie gets the nod this week for the top spot of his own power rankings. As biased as it may have been, this team has done what it takes to win. The Outlook: the Playerz should roll through week 9 as Garner and Brown have huge games.


Schwie's Ladies

Well the Schwie vs. Schwie debate continuess. Latest lineŠ Schwieıs Ladies by 6 over the Playerz Club. Jeff Garcia has proven to be the next Kurt Warner; although wait, the 49ers suck. Who cares, Jeff Garcia has been unstoppable, putting up the best passing numbers in the NFL. Look for Schwie to destroy Chaffee.


D's Bitches

Another big AFC showdown will take place this week as the Bitches go head to head with the Voodoo Daddies. Although, this week the Daddies will repay the Bitches for their week 3 trouncing. Edgerrin James and James Stewart will not be enough as Derek watches Terrell Owens and the rest of Batesonıs bad attitude bunch tear it up.


VooDoo Daddies

Apparently Dave has decided to move on and seek a new companion. I saw this add last week in the City Pages.
GWM seeks another male 25-35 yrs old, with an adventurous side, a love for kittens, and solid fantasy football strategies. Sad and lonely. DB.


Ghetto Blasters

This is the best .500 team ever. Too bad they have about as good a luck as a gay man trying to find a date at the Anoka VFW. Although, Alıs luck will change this week as he dominates a Warnerless Showtime squad.



I bet Steve wishes he had traded for Trent Green. Oh well! Now besides Williams and Moulds this team has about as much depth as a George W. Bush campaign speech. Until Warner gets back, times will be rough for Ellison.


Johnnie RATS

The Johnnie Rats will destroy the Lennies or at least I hope they will.


Mystery Machine

Trade Scenario:
Josh: I really need a WR.
Me: I will give you Matthew Hatchette, in return I want Emmitt Smith, Daunte Culpepper, and the shirt off your back.
Josh: Well, okay.



Hi, my name is Adam. I am a dink.


Shock Doctor

The sad thing is that Nemo is trying to lose, this team just plain cannot win a game. The good thing for the Doctors is that Jacksonville (which is half of their team) plays a pathetic Dallas squad this week. The forecast is that the Doctors will still fall to the Mystery Machine in a nail-biter.


Johnny's Mnemonics

With both the Doctors and the Mnemonics in the hunt for the toilet bowl it doesnıt seem logical to provide analysis as to the fate of this team. They will lose because John wants them too. Do you blame him?


Ragin' Asians

Iıve seen better performances from the St. Rose 4th grade talent show.