Post Auction Ranking & Analysis

by Chaffee Tran

1. Tranman (Doug Tran) - Doug consistently acquires solid players in the auction and this year is no exception. D. McNabb will post strong numbers in what will again be a pass oriented Philly offense. The starting tandem of R. Johnson and C. Dillion (whose value increases dramatically due to the injury of rookie phenom L. Maroney) will produce steadily if not spectacularly. Though slowed by a strained hamstring and health concerns to his starting QB, H. Ward will produce strong numbers in Pittsburgh while TJ Housh will be a top red zone target for a healthy C. Palmer. Depth at RB (F. Taylor and J. Jones) gives Doug the early edge as my preseason favorite.

2. Ragin Asian's (Chaffee Tran) - Chaffee has created a formidable RB tandem of S. Alexander and W. McGahee which should give the team an edge against most opponents. The WR corp (R. Williams and J. Galloway) is not nearly as strong but possess upside to produce TD's as Detroit and TB pass offense should improve significantly. D. Bledsoe should provide steady scoring as he has the WR threat to improve upon his 2005 campaign of 3,400 yds and 24 TDs. The lack of depth at RB and the team's reliance on a rookie TE could create problems if injuries occur.

3. Black Adders (Nate Krahn) - Nate is a newbie to this league, though his performance did not reflect his inexperience to the auction. The tandem of M. Harrison and S. Smith gives him the best WR tandem in the league. W. Paker will eat up yards and may have the opportunity to score more goal line TD's this year while T. Jones may hold off C. Benson for another year. E. Manning should continue to emerge in a potent Giant offense, and L.J. Smith will be D. McNabb's primary receiver. The Adders are build for a strong run at the division title this season.

4. Lennies (Adam Marshall) - Marshall's thrifty spending did not prevent him from fielding a strong team with adequate depth. Pairing the Denver RBs with break out candidate R. Brown will make this team formidable. If D. Jackson and T. Owens can overcome health concerns and J. Delhomme can continue his consistent play, then this team will be in the hunt come playoff time.

5. Flight Pattern (Tim Winn)
- Despite Tim's spending snaffu during the action, he fielded a very strong starting line up with S. Jackson and L. Jordan anchoring his team. M. Hasselbeck, P. Burress, and T. Glenn are solid, though not spectacular complimentary players who will be productive enough for Tim to be competive every week. Weak depth at running back and wide receiver leaves the team vulnerable however.

6. Voodoo Daddies (Dave Bateson) - This fast talking lawyer made schrewed moves during the auction to field a good lineup overall, though his playoff destiny will be determined by the play of E. James. His remaining backfield is unproven but possess plenty of youth and upside, which could make him a contender come Dec. Adding veterans such as T. Brady, A. Boldin, and M. Muhammad should provide steady scoring that will be needed to offset his RB sporadic play.

7. Asian Invasion (Brian Woo)
- Despite spending 46% of his cap on 1 player, Brian managed to field a strong and potentially potent lineup. D. Culpepper is the wild card that could put his team into playoff contention as superstars such as L. Tomlinson and L. Fitzgerald will help his lineup a dangerous. This team is weak at the #2 RB and WR position and could suffer as a result.

8. Schwie's Ladies (Brad Schwie) - Brad's philosophy that WR win championships will be put to the test as he based his auction strategy around the holy trinity that is A. Gates, R. Moss, and C. Chambers. If the ultra talented/often injured D. Foster and popular waiver wire pick up Wali Lundy can produce early and give C. Portis enough time to heal from his shoulder injury, then Brad ascent up the rankings will be a fast one.

9. Playerz Club (Wes Schwie)
- This team will go as far as L. Johnson can take them. M. Bulger, T. Holt, S. Moss and T. Gonzalez are extremely solid compliments and will allow Wes to be strong early. Otherwise, this is a 1 man show at the running back position and his season will depend greatly on how his other RB's perform.

10. D's Bitches (Derek Wolter) - Old school dude with an old school team name. Derek has a deep core of RB talent that has a great deal of upside such as W. Dunn, C. Williams, and K. Jones. R. Wayne and B. Watson should have career years that could put this team in position for a playoff run, though his playoff aspirations are greatly dependent upon the health of K. Warner. Weakness at back up QB and WR will make it challenging for him to compete should the team sustain injury. Could a trade be in the works for Derek...stay tuned.

11. Lawmen (Jeremy Lawson)
- Jeremy's entire season will depend on his two mercurial RB's, T. Barber and R. Bush. If either cannot find the end zone, then it will be tough for this team to contend although P. Manning and J. Shockey will allow this team to stay competitive. WR is weak though there is young talent with upside that could change this situation in a hurry.

12. Ghetto Blasters (Al Bernick)
- R. Droughns and B. Westbrook is not an imposing duo, though C. Palmer, C. Johnson, and T. Heap should produce early and often, allowing this team to stay in ball games. Team depth is also questionable and does not have enough upside to make in impact should injury occur.