2006 Season

Entry Fee

The entry fee is one hundred ($100) dollars. This is the only fee that is paid for the entire year. It includes weekly transactions, updates of your team's standing with the rest of the league, and the league website. In order to be able to participate in the draft, this fee must be paid before the draft begins.


In any dispute regarding regular-season standings, playoff pairings, draft positions, transaction order or other similar matters, official NFL Tiebreakers will be applied.

In case of a tie score during a playoff or consolation bracket game, the two teams will play again the next week in a mini-playoff. Owners can submit a new lineup for this mini-playoff (if a player of theirs has a bye that week, etc.) However, each team must also submit a second lineup (it can be the same as the mini-playoff games or different) for a potential game against their new playoff opponent. Whichever team wins the "mini-playoff" will also compete that same week with its second lineup against its other playoff/consolation opponent.

If two teams tie for the Super Bowl championship or the Toilet Bowl championship during Week 16, they will be allowed to submit NEW lineups for a rematch during Week 17.

If any post-season tie scenarios not covered by the above rules take place (Example: Two teams tie again during a Week 17 rematch), the Commissioner will make a judgement on what to do at that time.


The auction begins with each team drawing numbers for position and then following it just like a draft order: 1-12, then 12-1, then 1-12, then 12-1, and so on. In this order each team gets to put one player up for auction at a time and start the bidding. (Example: I nominate Priest Holmes and start the bidding at $2.)

Each team gets $100 to spend on players. At the end of the auction each team MUST have a complete roster of 14 players, including the right combination for a starting lineup (QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, D), once the auction is finished.

Minimum bid on any player is $1.

We will have an auctioneer who will handle the bidding process. He'll do the Going Once-Going Twice-SOLD routine. He'll also track which teams bought which players and for how much.

The auction ENDS when every team has 14 players. Once an owner has filled his roster with 14 players, he is done and no longer has a right to nominate players for bid. His turn is passed over when it comes to him.

Trades are NOT allowed during the auction but afterward is fine. Just keep in mind a team cannot have more than 14 players on its roster at any time unless someone is on injured reserve.
Numbers that are drawn by each team in the auction are also used to determine the regular season schedule.  An Excel spreadsheet is used to determine the order based on the number you draw.  Open this file if you understand matrices and spreadsheets.


The maximum number of players and team defenses allowed on a team is fourteen. The rosters will expand to sixteen players after Week 10. During the auction, a team is allowed to purchase any number of players from any position: quarterbacks, running backs, etc. (i.e. 4 kickers, 5 quarterbacks, and 1 running back). The only way to score the maximum points possible during league play is by fielding a starting lineup consisting of the following:

1 Quarterback
2 Running Backs
2 Wide Receivers
1 Tight End
1 Kicker
1 Team Defense

Players that are not in the starting lineup cannot score points for your team. It is MANDATORY that an owner starts players at every position as mentioned above, even if during a certain week all an owner can do is start an injured player or a player on a bye. Any owner who submits a starting lineup with the intent to lose that week's game, is TANKING, an offense that is punishable by expulsion from the league. If an owner is suspected of tanking games by not starting a competitive lineup, any owner may call a league-wide vote to remove that owner from the league immediately.

It is each owner's responsibility to submit a correct and valid starting lineup. The commissioner and webmaster cannot always monitor each team's lineup page to make sure a valid lineup is submitted. If an owner is found to have submitted an invalid lineup (starting two QBs, for example) he loses any points accumulated at the positions where his lineup is invalid. Frequently submitting invalid lineups is grounds for EXPULSION from the league.

You can submit your lineup via the telephone by calling the Commissioner at:


Team owners will be encouraged to use the world wide web to enter lineups. This will be possible up to one (1) minute before game time. The web page address is:


      or through a backdoor where these rules exist at:


If a team owner chooses not to call in the lineup and does not wish to use the league web site, they may email or call in their lineup as well. All email and voicemail notifications must be time stamped prior to game time. The commissioner's email address is:


Players must be indicated as "starting" on the website or timestamped in an email or voicemail message BEFORE the NFL game for that player begins and assuming there is an available starting roster spot still open.  An owner can still change the rest of his starting lineup up until all players and available starting spots are locked.



1 point every 25 yards passing
4 points every touchdown pass
1 point every 10 yards rushing
6 points every rushing touchdown
1 point every 10 yards receiving
6 points every receiving touchdown
2 points every successful two-point conversion (rushing, receiving or passing)
3 points every field goal
1 point every extra point made
1 points every field goal 50 yards or longer

NOTE: Players can earn points for any of the above stats, regardless of position (i.e., running back can throw TD pass, quarterback can make a reception, etc.) Only your starters can score points each week. Your reserves cannot score points. You can change your starting lineup each week, unless you are involved in a mini-playoff.

Defense/Special Teams

2 points for every safety scored
6 points for every touchdown scored
10 points for every defensive shutout

NOTE: You will NOT receive points for an individual player if he scores a touchdown via special teams or defensively. Example: If Randy Moss returns a punt for a TD, the Vikings Defense/Special teams gets the points, NOT Moss. Team defenses/special teams cannot earn any points for yardage.


Twelve (12) teams make up the league and are divided in to two conferences (the NFC and AFC).  Inner conference rivalries between brothers and close friends will be maintained with each conference.   The teams will play head to head in ten (10) conference games as well as three (3) out of conference games during the regular season. Tiebreakers will follow official NFL rules.


The playoffs begin with Week 14 of the NFL season. The top four (4) teams in each conference will make the playoffs.  The Toilet Bowl will be held during Week 15 and our league's Super Bowl will be held during Week 16, subsequently ending our fantasy season.

Playoff format: During Week 14, the following matchups will take place in each conference:
Conference/division winner vs. 4th place (Conference semi-final)
2nd place vs. 3rd place (Conference semi-final)
5th place vs. 6th place (Toilet Bowl/consolation semifinal)
During Week 15, the winner of each conference semifinal matchup square off in the conference finals and the consolation semifinalist winners square off for the Toilet Bowl championship.
During Week 16, the winner of each conference final plays the AFC or NFC winner in the Super Bowl and a third place game is also held. Prizes will be awarded to the Toilet Bowl consolation champion, Regular-Season AFC and NFC Champions, the Super Bowl winner and loser, and the third place finisher in the playoffs.


Transaction submissions are due by NOON every TUESDAY beginning AFTER Week One's games are complete.  Players will be available on a first come first serve basis after the auction is complete until Sunday at noon of Week 1's games.
Once a player is released from a roster, he is FROZEN for a 48-hour waiver period.

The order for transactions each week is based on the current won/lost records of all the teams applying for a transaction that week. The team with the worst regular-season record during a particular week of transactions will pick first. The team with the second worst regular-season record that particular week picks second, etc (NFL tiebreakers are used if necessary). Teams are allowed one transaction at a time, meaning owners need to rank, in order of preference, which moves they want done first, using the website and the Waiver Management page.

Example: D's Bitches would like to: (1) Acquire QB Kurt Warner and Release QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. (2) Acquire QB Steve McNair and Release QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. (3) Acquire RB Jerome Bettis and Release RB Edgerrin James.

Once a team's first transaction goes through (in this example, say D's Bitches is able to grab McNair and dump Fitzpatrick) or all waiver preferences are exhausted, the website will move onto the next fantasy team in the waiver queue.


TRADES must be completed and submitted to the commissioner for approval at midnight before that week's games are scheduled to begin.

Approved trades will be posted on the web page before that week's games begin. A trade submitted after the deadline is evaluated the following week.

The commissioner may not approve/reject trades where he is directly involved. Those trades are approved/rejected by the Vice-Commissioner/Webmaster.

Team Rosters are FROZEN when a fantasy team is eliminated from the playoffs, meaning no transactions for the eliminated team (i.e. trades, free agent pickups, injured reserve, releasing players, etc.) are allowed beyond that point.

The Commissioner

The Commissioner's job is to handle any league disputes that arise. An owner can appeal any decision made by the commissioner. If an owner protests or appeals a decision by the commissioner, it is put to a league-wide vote. The majority vote always wins. If there is a 6-6 tie on an issue we will discuss at that time how to resolve it.

John Nemo is the league commissioner and can be contacted at nemofreelance@yahoo.com or 651.730.9979.

Brad Schwie is the league vice-commissioner/webmaster and can be contacted at schwie@yahoo.com or 651.644.2924.

Golden Rule

If it's not covered in the rulebook, it's NOT legal. There will be no "Loophole" maneuvers by owners taking advantage of a scenario not covered in the rulebook.

Also, no rule changes can be made DURING a season. All proposals/changes to league rules/etc. will be considered effective for the following year. That way everyone can vote objectively and not worry about how it impacts their current situation.